OLG’s arsenal of innovative landscape technology minimizes scalping to create  an award winning turf appearance.


Not all mowers are the same. Mower selection and operation is the most important contributor to an overall quality appearance of your turf. The repeated “scalping” of certain areas related to mower size, rigidity of the deck, and undulations of the ground adversely affects the performance of the turf.

While properties vary, so should mowers. Determined by the needs of the area and the goal of our clients, not by the efficiency of its production, mower selection is directly related to the performance of the turf. 

Technological advances in equipment have produced mowers that are more agile, precise, and produce a better product than ever before. Given the many manufacturers of mowing equipment and the lofty claims of their representatives, OLG set out to determine which mower produced the best results.

To that end, our company tested the newest equipment available and selected the finest mower available based, singularly, on its performance on uneven turf.  On areas where the previous service provider scalped the turf weekly, the result of the new mower’s performance is exceptional, exceeding everyone’s expectations. 

A significant reason for our success on other properties is attributed to the use of mowers featuring the only true free-floating deck in the industry and it’s skilled operation.

Improving the Quality of Life for Those We Serve.

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